2005 - Biting flies , no a/c in an 80 degree classroom, salt sweat. Jumped ship from work in Libya to spend the summer in Malta.Just a thirty minute flight but below boat folk from the ass-end of Africa were risking their lives for a toe on the Italian shore..


Diving off Gozo and down further in the lightless resound of the Hypogeum.My friend Mary came to stay. In July Mercan Dede, a Turkish Sufi musician was playing with his band in the old fort in Valetta where Alan Parker had filmed the prison scenes for Midnight Express - " You are a  bad machine,that's why the factory keeps you here". Joyous music in a place of Turkish damnation. Mercan toured with a Sufi dancer , Mira Burke-the whole thing turned into one of those rare truly magical nights.


The film is cut with some scenes from my travels in the Middle East- a place far from the one dimensional spin shown in the West. It is a region of huge diversity and vivacity which functioned well enough before the coming of Empire from the other side of the world and its age old playbook of destabilization,destruction and divide and rule.........


Music : Phantasmagoria In Two - Tim Buckley


For Magdalena,- a rare dancer